About Us

Tempe Pool Fences, from the name itself, was born with one thought in mind – safety among little children by insuring that homeowners in the town and nearby areas have access to affordable protective barrier to put around their home pools. This is important for curious little toddlers who find their way to slip to the pool unnoticed and possible drown without parental supervision.

Pools are important in places like Arizona especially during the very hot summers. They are often used to cool down when the temperature is very hot. For adults and teens alike, pools are the easiest means of getting a tan while enjoying yourself in the process. Though we could state various reasons for the need of pools to every household in Arizona, having one is proven to be a risk mostly to families with little children.

Tempe Pool Fences makes it easier for every homeowner to solve this. Founded in 1990, Tempe Pool Fences have been making a difference in the neighborhood by providing easy access to affordable barrier to secure their pools. We, as a family-owned company recognizes the need of every household to have a means of relaxation and recreation for a more comfortable and healthy living, thus, we help you achieve this without risking the safety of any member of your family – young and old.

Tempe Pool Fence specializes in manufacturing, installation, repair, and other services concerning pool fences. We do it fast and we do it right. This is why, having been in the business for over two and half decades, we are the only trusted company in the industry when it comes to pool fences. We only produce high quality products starting from wrought iron fences and gates to customize pieces complete with powder coat finish. We offer this in variety of colors and safety latches. This is because we don’t only want to offer you safety and security but additional asset as well.

Pool fences when installed correctly could not only add value to your homes but beauty as well. We make it in a way that will blend with your home structure and garage doors. We know that it is important for every part of property to be in harmony with each other. Thus, we are dedicated to make this happen.

This is why we only hire the most skilled technicians to help us fulfill this. They are well-trained to provide only the best service in terms of pool fencing services. They have years of experience with them to assist you of the right specification of pool fences appropriate for you.
At Tempe Pool Fences, we hire our own project managers to oversee each individual job. We use our experience and resources to guarantee that the project is completed correctly and expeditiously. We also offer sub-contracted assistance to primary contractors on fence installations.
All you have to do is to call us and book your appointments now to experience the best service in Arizona that we have to offer. We are available 24/7 to assist you. In Tempe Pool Fences, we make you our priority.