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Those in Tempe fortunate enough to own a pool and who have small children will usually want a fence to insure that the children do not slip away to the pool unnoticed and possible drown. But even those pool owners without little children need, by law, a protective barrier for their pool. The scorching heat of a Tempe, Arizona summer day combined with appeal of an available swimming pool produce a temptation so profound that even those who cannot swim will be tempted to chance a dip in an unprotected pool.
Arizona residents who do not have their pools protected by a fence of specific proportions can find themselves in trouble with the law, and those whose negligence results in death or injury from an unprotected pool could face a civil lawsuit as well as criminal charges.
Although pool fencing can be a do-it-yourself project, the requirements for the fencing are so specific as to height, materials, and placement that the average Tempe resident would be wise to hire a local company familiar with all the necessary specifications. In addition to the requirements for the fence itself, there are also requirements concerning the gate and gate latch. Professional installers can do the job quickly and correctly; hiring a pro insures the homeowner is not fined due to the mistakes or delays an amateur installation might involve.

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